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Preparing for Steam Launch
Its been a long time since we had an update here, majorly because of some issues in the developement process, but finally i am back and preparing for steam rele...
Codename Ghost Hunt Android Build Uploaded
CGH was supposed to be a cross platform game, but due to some issues was struggling with android build for a long time, finally those issues were resolved today...
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Quick Update version B0.6.2
Whats Added : Android Build Uploaded. Vertical Camera mode, (under test) Some tool tip text changes. Whats fixed : Balanced damage calculation for Magnum Sniper...
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Early Access Release patch B0.6.1a
Following Updates were made Server fix , Few south american locations were unable to connect previously. Typo's where fixed in many places of ingame shop Added...
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Quick Update version B0.6.0
Following Important changes where made, to insure working of the game. Third party api updated. Fixed bug in unable to connect to server on initial launch. Than...
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New Update version Beta0.5.9
Whats in the new update ? -Redirected build to live server. -added uniqued idn numbers to login to new devices. - Fixed cannot go back to local profile selectio...
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Early Access announcement
So finally , The development of Codename ghost hunt has reached to beta testing, and i am more than happy to open it up for Turn based game lovers. Thus the gam...

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