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Descent into a world depleted and abandoned long ago, remaining resources are all that matters to the outcasts, for their own survival they must secure whats left, and leave the planet before its too late. Codename Ghost Hunt is the name of project under which your squad  operate securing valuable sites, required for the survival of their faction.

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What is Ghost Hunt ?
Prepare your Squad and engage your enemy in a Turn Based Battle of seek and destroy.  Ghost Hunt is a Turn based PVP Action Strategy game, where player compete to prove supremacy on the battlefield through Educated decisions they make to accomplish own tactics over that of enemy’s.

Create Your Units , Assemble them in squad and Deploy them in short span turn based battle against similarly ranked players. Win wagers on battles and get Ghost coins to better equip your squad for next challenging enemy. GamePlay
There is a reason why its called Operation Ghost Hunt , Each Unit in your squad is  supposed to be a Ghost , Lurking in the Shadows while taking Enemy Ghosts out One by one. Battle is not an open war, they are strategic engagements ,in shot spans of matches.

  • Prepare your squad for next opponent accordingly, based on the data available on enemy squad prior to a battle.
  •  In the battlefield you try to keep your squad hidden, while eliminating opponent’s Ghost. Being hidden is the key as “a visible unit is a dead unit”.
  •  Change the terrain by creating defenses around your Ghosts in eminent danger, while flanking on enemy and quickly finishing them off.
  • Use various Ghost Tactics and Expertise to gather information on enemy Positions and improvise, or Unleash Chaos over them.
  •  Set up Ambushes Or Confuse Your enemy with false Information. Anything which wins you the Battle is fair.

Before you Buy*

  • Game is completely Online multiplayer as of right now AI is unavailable.
  • its DRM free , you can share with friends to play together online.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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