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Imperator is an Action/Defence game with a large Chunk of RPG'ish Structure. The world of Imperator is an ancient fantasy world , which was once ruled by 'The Empire' a strong Human Civilization , that fell into the debts of Corrupt Magic and Abyss of Darker entities. and their world was taken by the foul forces of Orcs and Dark Elves . A few Escaped the Destruction including the Young Prince "Bard" , who is now on his journey to save his people and lead them back to those glorious days .

Help these Warriors to regain their Pride and thier Right to stay alive

In this game , Player will have to face hordes of strong enemies , of different classes and skill sets for which he will have to regularly

  • Recruit New Units ,
  • Manage Your squad ,
  • Make them strong ,
  • Upgrade them with Better Equipments,
  • Train them with new Skills and
  • Make effective use of Battle tactics and Skills

Please remmember , however the game is fully playable to the end , its still in post beta and we are fixing things up , if you find a glitch or bug please report them and I will be more than happy to help.

System Requirements

Imperator was Targeted for Tablets and mobile devices and is ported to PC.

Android requirements :

Android 2.2 or higher

100MB Free Ram

Windows :

Supported with Win7/Winxp/Win8

128 MB free Ram

Linux :

Not yet tested.

Please report Problems if you find one.


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I am working on this project solo and being a full time Indie game developer all my earnings are from games sales , by puchasing this game , you will motivate me and help me financially. For which i am heartly thankful.

If you find a bug or if you have suggestions or comments , please mail me at rahulmartin@live.com , i will surely respond and fix the problems.

Thanks again ! Have an awesome day.

Published Feb 26, 2015
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
AuthorRahul Martin


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